Monday, February 4, 2013

Wolf Weekly

Thought i would start doing a weekly piece on what I have planned and what i've been up to within our wonderful hobby, 

First of all i have got to get this off my chest as this site is the reason i decided to do a post tonight.
The Adventures of Hank and Marv The collected adventures of Hank and Marv, two long suffering chaos cultists caught up in a galaxy that just doesn't care...
This is great, funny as hell and well worth a read, top marks for this one guys  

Please check out the blog join, follow and share, show the guy some love.

And on another note I have decried to go in to commission painting and conversions if you are interested you can contact me with any enquires  and i will get back to you asap.
 I will be selling minis that I have painted in the near future so look out for those, the first of which will be the Deathwing squad i am currently working on 

Finally I would like to thank all the visitors who  keep coming to checking out my work and for the great comments you all leave